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9 sustainable furniture brands that keep an eye on the earth

Whether it’s $ 20 dropped on an Amazon bar stool or $ 2,000 spent on a cloud-like love seat, furniture is an investment. Regardless of the scale, we want these purchases to last – and so does the planet. The longer our household goods are reused and recycled, the less unnecessary waste ends up in our landfills. One small way to add to this environmental impact is by buying sustainable furniture from brands that keep the earth’s future in mind. To make this step even easier, we’ve compiled a list of retailers and brands that are currently making environmentally friendly goods. Click here to explore a virtual warehouse filled with FSC certified wood from Burrow, vegetable-tanned leather courtesy of The Citizenry, natural foam mattresses from Saatva, and more. At these destinations, every day is Earth Day. At Refinery29, we are here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of things. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. When you buy something that we link to on our website, Refinery29 can earn a commission. SaatvaSaatva manufactures its first-class mattresses with environmentally friendly foams, organic cotton and spring core coils made from recycled steel. All of the retailer’s products are designed to protect sleepers from harmful chemicals and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Shop SaatvaSaatva Classic Mattress, $, available at SaatvaAvocado MattressThe latex mattress is Avocado’s most sustainable mattress to date. Nine inches of organic latex replace the mattress springs and offer customers “ideal comfort”. (PS: Save $ 200 on Avocado Mattresses Now with Promo Code EARTH.) Buy Avocado Green Mattress Avocado Mattress Latex Mattress (Queen), US Dollars, Available at Avocado MattressBurrow Burrow’s wood suppliers are dated Forest Stewardship Council certified and the eco-friendly sofas are packed in 100% recycled cardboard instead of plastic exactly where your furniture came from and how it was made. This accent chair is made of 100% Argentinean vegetable-tanned polo saddle leather, hand-carved guindo wood and is held together by iron fittings. Search all of the site’s inventory (decor, linens, carpets, etc.) for greener finds. Buy the CitenzryThe Citizenry Palermo Tripolina Chair, $, available at The CitizenryMedley Best For: FSC Certified Storage Instead of plywood, Medley brings its furniture designs to life using solid FSC certified wood and the occasional bamboo. Each of these three tier shelves is handcrafted in California. Shop MedleyMedley Iris 3 Tier Shelf, $, available from MedleyABC HomeABC Home believes in “makers who create earth-like objects with a story”. The Goodwood collection uses sustainably sourced and reclaimed wood to create dining tables, accent chairs, bedside tables, bed frames, and more. Shop ABC HomeABC Home Java Teak Chest, $, available at ABC HomeWest ElmAlthough West Elm is one of the giants of housewares and contemporary furniture, it is also home to a wide range of sustainable pieces. This storage-conscious coffee table is handmade, fairly traded and sourced from sustainable sources. Buy the West ElmWest Elm Drum Storage Coffee Table, $, available from West ElmEtsy. In general, homemade product will always outperform mass-produced products in terms of sustainability. Therefore, if in doubt, contact Etsy. NaanFurniture makes durable and long-lasting wooden TV stands, bedside tables, shelves and more. The star of the show, however, is this shop’s unique latticework, expertly crafted on each piece of furniture. Shop NaanFurnitureNaanFurniture TV Mora, $, available on EtsyKnollKnoll’s line of sustainable products, ReGeneration, aims to simplify furniture without sacrificing performance. The fully upholstered chair is made from “rapidly renewable material derived from corn by-products” and responds to your movements to provide comfort. Shop KnollReGeneration Fully upholstered, $, available at KnollLike what do you see? How about a little more R29 grade right here? Say goodbye to GuiltAllbirds from CardboardAllbirds is launching new eco-friendly t-shirts

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