How to Clean Carpet – Best Way to Get Stains Out of Carpet

Sad but true: coffee stains, wine stains and muddy footprints are just a part of life. Sure, there are ways you can do your best to avoid the clutter in the first place – by asking guests to take off their shoes or buy a stain-resistant rug, for example – but it’s best to know how to get rid of them beforehand they happen.

While regular vacuuming will keep your carpet from looking grubby and dirty, stubborn stains are something that even the best vacuum cleaner can’t handle. Whatever the problem, there is a dedicated solution or cleaning product to make your surroundings look brand new (or at least clean) again. Here Carolyn Forte, Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cleaning Laboratory, explains how to remove all-too-common stains like red wine stains, caked-on grime, and pet soiling from carpets.

For most stains, follow these instructions to clean your carpet:

  1. Take two empty spray bottles and fill one with cold water. Mix in the other 1/4 teaspoon of mild dish detergent, like Dawn Ultra dishwashing detergent, and 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Spray the detergent solution on an absorbent cloth (not the carpet – you shouldn’t get it too wet) and dab (don’t rub!) The area with it. When the stain dissolves, blot it with a clean cloth. Continue applying and dabbing until the stain is gone.
  3. Spray another cloth with cold water and use it to rinse the cleaning solution off the carpet. Then blot it again with a dry cloth.
  4. Stack a pile of paper towels on the wet spot and place a heavy saucepan on top. “Overnight, towels soak up any stains deep in the carpet. Shake the fibers with your fingers in the morning and let them air dry,” suggests Forte.
  5. If the stain lingers, try a more targeted approach based on the stain you’re dealing with.
    1. Freshen up the carpet with baking soda

      Would you like to take a more natural approach?Lightly sprinkle baking soda on top to freshen up dingy carpets. After sprinkling it on problem areas, work it into a pile with a soft brush and let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming. Start with a new vacuum bag or a clean mug and filter to make sure the suction of your vacuum is optimal to pick up the fine powder from the carpet.

      How to remove pet stains from the carpet

      No matter how cute your four-legged friend is, the feces and urine stains they leave are certainly not. To remove stains from pets, Use a carpet cleaner with enzymes which also destroy odor-causing bacteria. After spraying on, work in the cleaner with a clean, damp cloth, rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth and cover with the same cloth for up to 12 hours. An additional bonus: The enzyme-containing cleaners, such as Bissell Professional Pet stain and odor removal formula, removes odors and prevents pets from staining the same place over and over again.

      How to remove red wine stains from carpet

      If your wine crashes, try your best to get around Dab as much of the spilled wine as possible, possibly also standing on absorbent cloths. Soak the stain with you Wine gone and let rest for up to five minutes. Blot the area until the stain is completely gone and remove any excess residue with a damp cloth.

      Remove coffee stains from the carpet

      No matter what color of carpet you have, try to mop up as much coffee as you can first. Then, Mix one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Using a clean, white cloth, float the stain with the mixture, apply gradually and dab often with a dry cloth until the stain disappears. Sponge with cold water and pat dry.

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      How to look after the carpet in your home

      • Focus on high traffic areas. In between intensive cleanings, hit any grubby areas of your carpet with a powder or foam carpet cleaner, such as the carpet Loosen heavily used carpet foam or Dissolve carpet cleaner powder. Apply according to the directions in the package, then vacuum.
      • Keep dirt where it belongs (outside). Your best choice: try to implement a no-shoes-in-the-house rule. Store extra slippers or flip flops next to a shoe rack near your door and encourage family members to flip the switch inside. Store a broom or rechargeable stick vacuum in a closet near the entrance to collect debris before it gets to doormats. If you also put floor mats in front of your door, you can wipe your feet before going in.
      • Derust floor mats regularly. Indoor floor mats can only prevent dirt from getting inside if they are clean. If the care label allows, throw the mats in the washing machine on a warm cycle and dry them on a low temperature or in the air. When you’re short on time, vacuum the front and back of the mat to loosen embedded debris, even if it’s rubber or plastic. Then flip the mat over and vacuum up the trodden sand. Take the mat outside for a quick refreshment for a good shake.

        Carpet cleaner that you should always have on hand

        Professional stain and odor remover for pets

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        Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Liquid dishwashing detergent

        Ultra dishwashing detergent Liquid dishwashing detergent

        Carpet cleaner powder

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        Carpet foam with high traffic

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