How to Clean Carpet | 3 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

America loves carpets. In addition to its warmth and softness, the carpet requires much less maintenance and servicing compared to any other hard surface floor. However, most people don’t really know how to make carpets look new and fresh. Here are 3 secrets from the pros to help you get the most out of your carpet after a long summer:

Do not use soap

You should never use soap to clean your carpets. There are many logical reasons to skip the frothy stuff. Soap is great at pulling dirt into your carpet when you clean it, but there is literally no way to get all of the soap off the carpet afterwards. So if you leave even the smallest amount of soap in your carpet, it will continue to attract dirt that you just removed! This will make your carpet dirtier faster. Do not use soap!

Vacuum every piece of carpet, not just the high traffic areas

Don’t wait for an area with a rug or rug to look dirty. If you do this and wait too long, by the time your carpets look soiled, they are likely to be so caked in dirt that they need a thorough deep clean rather than just a simple vacuum. So make sure you get a routine of vacuuming all parts.

Have your carpet cleaned by a professional

In addition to developing a vacuuming routine and making sure the carpet is clean, it is also important that the carpet in your home is professionally cleaned from time to time. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can help extend the life of your carpet, improve your health, make your space cleaner and even affect the airflow in your home.

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