How to clean baseboards and furniture-

The spring cleaning series continues with baseboards and furniture.

Sofas and chairs

This task is pretty quick and you will be surprised what you find.

• Turn on the lights and open the blinds so that you can see the furniture in the best possible light.

• Vacuum the top of the pillows, as well as the entire couch and chair.

Use a clean cloth dampened with a cleaning solution to wipe your baseboards.

• Then remove the pillows if possible and vacuum every nook and cranny.

The last time I did this job, I found monopoly money, hair ties, a marble, and $ 1.76. I do this task quarterly so you might find better things and more money when it’s been a while since you raised your sofa cushions.

• When pet hair and dirt has been removed from your furniture, take a damp cloth with dish soap and water and clean any required areas on site.

During my last cleanse, I was able to wipe off small smears of yogurt, peanut butter, and mucus (ahem). I feel so much better knowing that my family and I cannot rest on any of the above after a busy day at work.


It’s not as bad as it seems. I promise! Yes, your home has dozens, even hundreds of feet, of baseboards that can be daunting.

• Put your solution in a small bucket. It has to be easily portable as you move around quite a bit. I find that fabric works better than a sponge and can get into the crevices that most baseboards have.

• Moisten and wring your cloth so that it is barely damp, and wipe four parts at the same time.

• Occasionally soak the rag and wring it out to keep it clean.

• Repeat the process until all rooms are ready.

How often you do this depends on how dirty your baseboards are. I can thoroughly clean all of the baseboards in my home in less than 2 hours.

TIP: Nothing special is required to clean wooden or vinyl baseboards. I always find very warm water with dish soap does a great job. What I add to my cleaning solution for this job is a natural scent. This refreshes and lets every room smell. For an amazing smelling home, I prefer all natural materials: essential oils (just a handful of drops of oil will do). My favorite oils are eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, and lemongrass.

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