House left abandoned on Redmon Road hauled off to dumpster | News

After a small one-room house on Redmon Road was vacated on Sunday, the district officials were finally able to remove the structure on Wednesday and flatten it into a dumpster.

“There was a truck and a trailer towing it, but the hitch broke,” Resident Deborah Glass told News Messenger as she recorded the photos with “Just popped up or down on Redmon Road.” Cheap prices!”

“The driver got out and left his passenger. It was way too big for the flatbed, ”said Glass.

She said the driver ended up returning for the truck and trailer but left the building on the street.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s office responded to the scene to assess the situation. Through a collaborative effort by the county’s resources, they were able to permanently remove the structure from the site.

“The guy who originally towed the house slipped off the trailer,” said Lt. Jay Webb of the sheriff’s office, noting that it was a 20 foot by 20 foot house.

“I don’t know why he tried to carry it like he was on a flatbed trailer. They just left it in the middle of the street, ”said Webb. “We had to get out the street and bridge the people out there with our purchasing department to go out there and pick them up.”

Since it was now an abandoned property that blocked the carriageway, the road and bridge department of the district was called for help.

“It became a problem for us because it was an abandoned property. We came by road and bridge. They basically chopped it up and dumped it, ”Webb said, noting it was dumped in the Pine Hill landfill in Longview.

The house was not habitable, said Webb.

“It was old and it was decrepit,” described Webb. “It was just rubbish.”

Webb said the sheriff’s office responded to a similar situation about three months ago when a mobile home slipped while being towed on Farm-to-Market Road in 1793.

“Someone had left a mobile home,” said Webb, describing the situation. “He was hauling a mobile home with a half-ton truck and had made a kind of trailer hitch. When it broke, it fell off. “

Pct. 3 County Commissioner Phillip Mauldin, who represents the Hallsville area where the recently abandoned house was located, thanked the county offices for their cooperation in responding.

“Basically, it was sitting there Sunday, Monday, Tuesday … where usually when you have an abandoned car it’s an easy thing to figure out what to do because a tow truck will haul it,” Mauldin said.

“I spoke to the sheriff’s office and found out what had happened and they had contacted the road and bridge to see if they could move it,” Mauldin said. “Well, they got out there and didn’t think they could, but later that day they decided to take the gear out there. Luke (with road and bridge) said it was gone now. “

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