Homes of Light Announces Enterprise For Homeless People To Provide Professional Junk Removal Services

Homes of Light non-profit is launching Alliance Junk Removal for men and women affected by homelessness to provide chargeable garbage disposal services.

Alliance Junk Removal specializes in the removal, cleaning and clearance of residential and commercial waste in the Atlanta area. Reusable items are either recycled, used in supporting homes, or given to customers in permanent homes.

Beverly Means, Chief Operating Officer, said, “These men and women are looking for ways to get back on their feet. You asked us for support. And we help them on their way back to self-sufficiency. “

Alliance Junk Removal is helping to generate revenue for Homes of Light’s supportive housing programs. When you choose Alliance over a competitor, customers are financially contributing to Homes of Light’s mission to end homelessness. The name of the service is “Alliance” because it works as a partnership between the community and the homeless customers.

Prices are competitive with other garbage disposal companies advertised in the Atlanta market. Allianz employees work in teams with a supervisor on the customer’s property at all times. They follow industry standard safety precautions and use caution as they navigate various areas such as narrow stairs and corners to ensure that the property remains in good condition. They are also trained in customer service.

Since 2011, Homes of Light has helped more than 750 people to take care of themselves.

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