Historical treasures found in hidden attic of old building

(CNN) – A New York state man got more than he expected when he bought a building for his law firm – an attic full of priceless photos.

David Whitcomb says he doesn’t even know that the building in Geneva has an attic.

He discovered it when he was replacing a lightbulb and noticed that the false ceiling looked strange.

Using only his phone’s flashlight, Whitcomb climbed into an access hatch and found a treasure trove of framed pictures and photographic equipment.

One of these images was a portrait of suffragist leader Susan B. Anthony, taken by photographer James Hale in 1905.

It’s the same photo licensed to the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Association and sold on postcards.

Other photos and glass negatives in the attic suggest that the building was used by Hale.

He was known for photographing women’s rights leaders and President Grover Cleveland’s fiancée.

Whitcomb has some of the glass negatives developed to see what other story he might uncover.

Whitcomb says he felt like he was in the movie “The Goonies” when he found the attic.

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