Hillary Clinton Launches Podcast From Chappaqua Attic

CHAPPAQUA, NY – Hillary Clinton will be broadcast from the attic and will make her debut as host of a new podcast next Tuesday, “You and I Both With Hillary Clinton”.

She told People magazine that she had said the slogan so many times that it was a given for a title.

The former presidential candidate who lives in Chappaqua wrote a book in 2017 called “What Happened”. It introduces the reader to 2016’s personal experience of becoming the first woman to be named president by a major party and her subsequent defeat to Donald Trump.

Hulu’s documentary “Hillary” was released earlier this year, and director Nanette Burstein’s look at the state of politics in the US through the lens of Clinton’s career.

The podcast is by no means just about politics: the 24 episodes feature conversations with guests on a variety of topics, including cooking, quarantine, resilience and health.

“I look forward to bringing these eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious conversations to the fore and opening up new opportunities for discussion with some of the people who fascinate me most,” Clinton said in a press release. “This podcast is an opportunity to talk about topics that are too often overlooked and to share the inspiration and education I’ve received from my guests.”

She’s doing the podcast from the attic of her Chappaqua house, which people have described as cozy and full of books.

“Hillary, the first woman to stand in a general presidential election, is one of the great political leaders of our time and we are delighted to be working with her on this project,” said Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast network. “‘You and Me Both’ offers listeners an astute, nuanced look at what’s happening in the world right now – and Hillary is the perfect moderator for these discussions. We’re excited to incorporate her voice and unique perspective into eternity . Expanding the library of iHeartRadio originals. “

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