Hankook, Junk King, Revvo Partner on Intelligent Tire Pilot – Maintenance

Junk King has a large fleet of vehicles in the US and Canada that require high levels of safety, vehicle availability, and operational efficiency.

Photo: Junk King

Hankook Tire announced a pilot agreement with Revvo Technologie and Junk King, an environmentally friendly company for the removal and transportation of garbage. The pilot program will integrate Hankook’s SmartFlex tires with Revvo’s tire technology and advanced data analysis to provide critical tire-specific data for 30% of Junk King’s vehicles in California.

Junk King has a large fleet of vehicles in the US and Canada that require high levels of safety, vehicle availability, and operational efficiency. Hankook Tire recognizes that tires play a key role in meeting these requirements and is looking for innovative ways to improve its truck and bus tire products. The pilot program includes SmartFlex tires, Hankook’s TBR line of multi-purpose tires for hybrid segments designed for fuel efficiency and traction.

“It is crucial for our operation that our trucks remain in pristine condition. This is the key to delivering the first class customer service that we promise to each and every one of our customers, ”said Michael Andreacchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Junk King. “We are pleased to be at the forefront of this intelligent tire pilot program. Having access to the tire data for our trucks will help us continue to play a prominent role in the garbage disposal industry. “

While telematics and fleet management software are already used in many fleets today, fleet managers have traditionally not been visible for tires. Revvo’s technology can help fill that void, according to an announcement from Hankook. Revvo’s advanced tire detection platform integrates a proprietary sensor into each tire and collects tire data in real time. This data is processed and turned into actionable insights, including predicted tread life, abnormal tire behavior, optimal tire maintenance intervals and settings, and real-time alerts.

If the pilot is doing well, it is possible that this could be more commercialized.

When asked about the possible application for heavy trucks, a Hankook spokesman replied: “We don’t have any specific plans at the moment, but if there are inquiries / needs, an application for grade 8 is possible as we intend to expand this project.”

“As we continue to drive our product innovation and technology, this is the next logical step in bringing real-time data to fleets. This is achieved by working closely with our dealer network as these digital solutions evolve,” said Rob Williams, VP of Truck and Bus Radial Sales at Hankook.

Sunjay Dodani, CEO of Revvo, added: “One of our main goals is to keep drivers safe on the road. We’re excited to be working with Hankook to give a fleet like Junk King an insight into how their tires are being used. When we see this help prevent major incidents, we trust our shared vision of smart, connected tires for every vehicle on the road. “

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