Got Junk? Get Rid of it with Bulky Item Pick-Up!

Auburn’s annual bulky item pickup is pending. This is a once a year event to remove unwanted items from your home free. There are restrictions on items that you can step on the curb. So check the list below.

Please remember that you display your articles at your own risk.

Collection date for bulky items:

Waste Management and Republic Services have different dates. So check your provider and the date.

Waste management:
Single-family and maisonette residents: place bulky items in your garbage collection area of 7am on Saturday, April 24th 2021 (only one day, the pick-up day for mobile home customers was April 12th to 16th on garbage day)

Services of the republic: Mobile home park, single-family and maisonette residents: place bulky items next to your dumpster 6 o’clock in the morning on your garbage collection day the week from May 3rd to May 7th, 2021.

Frequently asked questions about picking up bulky items

Here are some quick tips and reminders to make sure your bulky pickup day goes as smoothly as possible.

  • On the day you pick up the bulky items, make sure that nothing (e.g., cars, RVs, basketball hoops, or other items) is blocking sidewalks or providing access to the bulky items for pickup.
  • Several trucks will pick up items.
  • The driver for the collection of bulky items leaves an “OOPS TAG” for unaccepted items. Please remove these items from the collection area.
  • If there is no “OOPS DAY” and your items are not picked up by 7pm, call Auburn City on Monday, April 26th. Missed items will be picked up within two working days. Leave the items out until they are picked up
  • Keep items that are not intended for recording away from bulky items. Double and triple exams. You might think it was clear and not realizing that someone forgot to put their bike away. The city and the collection agencies are not responsible for collecting the items.

Allowed items:

Limit a total of four items. One article per category is allowed. (Example: 1 dishwasher, 1 grill, 1 deck chair, 1 child seat).

Category 1 – large devices:

Clothes dryer
Hot water tank
Fridge or freezer (empty)
Small air conditioner
Small oven
Cooker, hob or extractor hood
Trash compactor
Washing machine
water cooler

Category 2 – Outdoor Articles:

BBQ (no propane tank)
Electric or
Non-motorized mower
Hot tub cover
Children’s paddling pool
Big plastic toy
Lawn furniture
Terrace table, umbrella
& Chairs (set)

Category 3 – Furniture:

Bed frame & rails
Couch (NO sofa beds)
writing desk
Side table or bedside table (set)
file cabinet
Love place
Mattress & box spring (set)
Sectional sofa
Small entertainment center
Table & chairs (set)

Category 4 – Other articles:

Artificial Christmas tree
child seat
Exercise bike
Treadmill or elliptical machine
vacuum cleaner


NO small or other objects, household waste, household waste or hazardous household waste.
NO Wood / sawn timber, carpets / upholstery / floors / carpets, televisions, electronics, remodeling / building materials (doors, screens, windows, toilets, sinks, showers / tubs, cupboards, etc.)
NO Gas mowers, chainsaws, or other objects that use liquids or gas.

For information on where to drop off items that have not been accepted for collection, visit

Note: Items you drop off for collection may not make it by sunrise. Someone might walk past the old lawnmower you brought out and think they can fix it. Now it’s her spouse’s problem, not yours.

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