Got an old mattress? Here’s how you can recycle them in CT

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Lots of people have been doing home improvement projects these days. Maybe you renovated the bedroom. Maybe you want to get rid of an old mattress? Don’t throw it away. You can actually recycle it.

In the worst case scenario, old mattresses can litter streets and sidewalks. It used to be the best that could happen that they end up in a landfill, and even that isn’t great.

“In terms of volume, they take up a lot of space, which is an opportunity cost of other types of waste, your bulky furniture, and your bulky waste,” said Pierre Barbour, executive director of the New Haven Solid Waste & Recycling Authority.

The agency has partnered with the National Mattress Recycling Council to make this recycling bin available to all New Haven residents. Recycling a mattress doesn’t mean someone will ever sleep on it again.

“It is being broken down into its various components and those different components are salvaged together and sent to recycling facilities to be turned into new products,” said Daniel McGowan, the Northeast Program Coordinator for the Mattress Recycling Council.

For example, the metal springs are melted down like any other scrap metal.

“Foam could be insulation or carpet padding or something,” said McGowan.

Cotton can be made into filters for industrial plants. And there are many uses for the wooden frames.

Barbour said it: “Saves energy, saves jobs, saves valuable resources, so we encourage that.”

They call it the “Bye Bye Mattress” program, and it’s been around since 2015.

“In the five years that this program has been conducted, we have recycled 775,000 mattresses here in Connecticut alone, diverting more than 13,000 tons of material. And if you put these down and finished them, they’d go through the state eight times, ”said McGowan.

Now they want to make this process as easy as possible and are going to various cities with events. In fact, they were in Cheshire on Saturday but you can always find a place to recycle your mattress. Visit to learn more.

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