Glendale to slash number of trash-hauling companies operating in the city

Glendale took another step forward this week and plans to revamp the way garbage is collected in homes and commercial properties across the city.

In July 2013, Glendale officials announced that they would transform the current open market into a more controlled system of exclusive franchises in order to implement a leaner and more sustainable approach.

On Tuesday, members of Glendale City Council voted for a screening process for eight garbage haulage companies interested in signing a lucrative 10-year contract to service one of four geographic areas in the city. Finally four are selected – one for each zone.

“We are trying to do this so that we can provide a more consistent and uniform standard,” said Yazdan Emrani, Glendale’s director of public works, during a meeting of the city council on Tuesday.

“We really have no control over the regulatory side of things,” added Emrani.

Currently, 33 garbage haulage companies are allowed to provide services to any company in the city, according to a city report.

According to Emrani, sometimes several garbage trucks serve the same area at the same time, leading to traffic jams and increasing pollution, as well as wear and tear on the roads.

The plan does not provide for single-family homes and apartment buildings with four or fewer units. These properties will continue to be serviced by Glendale City employees.

During the meeting, it was discussed whether the city’s plan to serve a transportation company in one geographic zone is the best way to move forward.

Concerns centered on whether reducing competition would affect service quality and drive prices up.

According to city documents, companies are expected to generate revenue between $ 1.4 million and $ 2.8 million per year, depending on the zone. The 10-year contracts have two possible extensions of five years.

City Councilor Vrej Agajanian suggested signing contracts with two companies per zone to increase competition, calling the current direction “dangerous”.

“If for any reason the business owner is not happy with the job [one] Garbage truck, then that person has no choice, ”said Agajanian.

Councilor Frank Quintero, who backed Agajanian’s proposal, said he would prefer to see competition across Glendale rather than zoning the city.

Neither idea received enough support to replace the current plan, which has been in the works for nearly seven years.

“In my opinion we have come too far to turn back,” said Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian.

Prices are not set by the city, but the city may set a price cap and determine the rate of price increases per year according to city documents.

In 2016, Los Angeles switched to a garbage disposal franchise system, which also cited the need to reduce pollution and control labor practices.

The companies running for contracts are Athens Services, NASA Services, Inc., Republic Services, Southland Disposal Co., Waste Management of California Inc. and Waste Resource Technologies Inc., Universal Waste and American Reclamation.

Universal Waste and American Reclamation had been removed from the pool by an advisor for reportedly failing a technical review, but were reconsidered by a unanimous vote by the city council.

Commercial waste disposal was eliminated during a previous screening process and not reintroduced into the pool.

Representatives of all three initially excluded companies expressed their dismay during the city council meeting and did not agree with the decision and asked for a renewed examination.

Selected contractors are expected to start their service in July this year.

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