Gather your junk — time to tidy up for spring

When the coronavirus hit last year, were you one of the millions who went crazy cleaning closets? Or maybe you belonged to the group of people who dealt with long overdue external projects. Or both!

In both cases, there has been a tremendous increase in people getting rid of what they don’t need in landfills and thrift stores across the country.

“We had large crowds and long lines at the Grays Harbor transfer station when (the quarantine) first started,” noted Tracy Elders, office manager at LeMay Grays Harbor.

For those of you who haven’t made the trip to the transfer station recently – or have been as busy as beavers and need to dump more – we have good news for many of you.

Many Grays Harbor residents – depending on where you live – have the option of dropping a load off at the transfer station for free!

This is a great incentive to continue spring cleaning and organization!

When are the days off to empty a load?

Several cities have special agreements with LeMay Grays Harbor to either provide a free ride to the transfer station or to have their containers shipped to your city.

The days off in Hoquiam have already passed.

Aberdeen – Your time is now! In April you can bring a load to the transfer station free of charge. Simply present the yellow voucher sent to you by the city for a limit of one ton and one load.

It can contain a maximum of four car tires (and no truck tires) and a fridge or freezer. No cement, medical waste, asbestos, ammunition or explosives will be accepted.

The spring cleaning times are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

McCleary – On April 24th, large containers will be set up in the city of McCleary, which residents can use for a free spring cleaning day.

Westport – From May 1st through May 31st, Westport residents will be running a spring cleaning campaign. During this time you can drive to the dump free of charge for a car or truck load of up to one ton. Ordinary household waste and hazardous waste are not permitted. Up to four small tires can be disposed of. Charges apply for fridges, freezers, and large tires.

Cosmopolis – From June 14th to 19th, residents have a free trip to the rubbish dump for a pick-up load or a small truck bed. Contact City Hall for more information, including how to collect a voucher.

According to Tracy, each town has a slightly different arrangement with LeMay Grays Harbor. So be sure to read your region and give your town hall a call if you have any further questions.

Even if you have to pay, it’s a bargain.

Excuse the people who live outside the city limits. It has been several years since Grays Harbor County sponsored a purge for those living outside the city limits within the county. The budgets are tight.

Although the county and some cities don’t have a paid clean-up day for the people, we recommend harnessing the energy and weather of spring to give your spot a chance and collect your usable – but not needed – things sell or donate.

Then take the actual rubbish to the LeMay Transfer Station at 29 Gavett Lane N., Montesano for the minimum fee of $ 11.06 for up to £ 200. If you’re busy, it’s only $ 106.77 per ton with a sliding scale in between.

Transfer station transfer!

Has it been a while since you took a trip to the transfer station? If so, you may need to be reminded that it was transferred!

Once you’ve written down the address above, you will find that the transfer station is no longer on 4201 Olympic Highway in Aberdeen, but has moved to an efficient new facility on Clemons Road, Montesano – 29 Gavett Lane N.

The move took place in August 2019. This new facility includes a transfer station – a place where you can dispose of your rubbish to be trucked to a landfill outside the area – and a new recycling center.

You can always recycle the following for free: only glass, bottles – no window glass or ceramics; Tin and Aluminum – no scrap metal or paint cans; Cardboard, flattened – now wax or poly-coated; Newspaper – empty all bags and throw away bags and strings; mixed paper; Milk jug.

However, if you need to dispose of hazardous waste, the location for that is still at the 4201 Olympic Highway location. It is open every first Wednesday and Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Looking for contractors

We are always looking for quality companies. Women and minority contractors are encouraged to apply for our bid pool. We are an equal opportunity organization.

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