Garbage Haulers: Trash doubles after Christmas

CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – Your trash is their business, and after the holidays a local trash company usually sees a lot more of it.

On the Monday after Christmas at 11:30 am, driver Chris Hana from Boxx Sanitation has already made 350 stops.

“There’s always a lot going on right after the holidays. 100%,” said Hana.

And he still has 262 left.

“We always try to prepare for it, but it’s never … we’re never prepared for it. It’s always a bundle of cardboard. Lots of wrapping paper,” said Hana.

Hana said all the extra box after the vacation made his job a little more difficult.

“It’s been an endless stream of cardboard this year. I’ve tried putting it in those buckets without it falling out, and there’s just a lot of it,” Hana said, laughing. “It does not stop.”

Drivers said their work day could easily be 12 to 13 hours and the amount of rubbish they pick up could double.

“Usually about 35 to 40 pounds per can. Then they push about 60 to 70 pounds per can. That depends on the can size and all,” said Wayne McIrvin, Operations Manager at Boxx Sanitation.

With so much extra junk everyone walks in including McIrvin himself.

“Much of our management crew is actually out there to stop just to help,” said McIrvin.

One way you can help is to break your cardboard box and keep it less than a meter so it can easily fit in the shipping container.

Hana added: “Even if you say so [cardboard] It’s definitely a lot easier to take this stuff than every week you put out a little bit, rather than putting it all out in a week. “

But the biggest thing they ask of you is patience.

“We’re all out there just trying to get the job done,” McIrvin said. “Some people say, ‘Oh, my driver is an hour or two late.’ Yes, we will. But we will pick you up and finish you off. “

McIrvin said if your trash can or trash is full, put extra items next to or behind your can and make sure the can blocks the wind so the extra items don’t blow away.

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