Garbage Guy offering junk removal services in the Phoenix, Az area.

Garbage Guy is a locally owned and operated company serving the greater Phoenix Valley area of ​​Arizona. The Garbage Guy team has proudly helped communities in Arizona get rid of their trash since 2015, making over 17,000 stops.

Whether it’s an assignment left by a construction team, a home office renovation or a conversion, the Garbage Guy team can be on site to efficiently collect and dispose of the garbage. Robert Allen, also known as the Garbage Guy, was very keen on cleanliness from an early age. It started at an early age when he always took the trash away at home, first on demand, then became a habit.

Garbage Guy’s team of specialists is trained and equipped with all the tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies necessary to keep each room looking brand new after all the trash is removed. Garbage Guy proudly sets itself apart from the competition by having a truck two feet longer. No mess is too big for the Garbage Guy team.

Services offered include trash removal, moving boxes and packaging materials, old furniture, appliances, garden waste, remodeling, cleanup, clean rental rentals, cleanup, property and dumpster cleanup, construction site cleanup, and more.

Robert Allen and his team at Garbage Guy pride themselves on providing the best garbage disposal services in Phoenix, Az. All junk removal is done so sustainably; Garbage Guy is committed to making Arizona cleaner by doing his part. In order to reduce waste as much as possible, all garbage is sorted.

While some are recycled and donated, others are properly disposed of in landfills. All recyclable materials are donated to local charities for better use, such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, A New Leave and House of Refuge.

Garbage Guy and his team are known for being the most trusted garbage disposal company in Phoenix, Az, because it’s easy to dispose of junk, old equipment and more. To learn more about the services and locations offered, visit the official website.

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