Furniture store moving into former Hen House location at Merriam Town Center

DDR Development, owner of the Merriam Town Center, is dividing the former Hen House site into two commercial retail areas, with Bob’s Discount Furniture moving into the north side of the building.

A discount furniture chain will move into the Merriam Town Center, which is slated to occupy about half of the building that was formerly Hen House Market, 5800 Antioch Road.

Bob’s Discount Furniture, a national retailer, will occupy the northern half of the building next to a GameStop franchise.

The tenant for the southern half of the room has yet to be determined.

The Hen House store closed in 2018 after the lease negotiations failed. The future of the grocery store has been a topic of interest to residents and city officials since then.

In order to accommodate two new shop windows and their respective entrances, the following facade changes will be made to the currently free spaces per city document:

  • An open air canopy is created for Bob’s Discount Furniture by removing the center of the landscaped bed and the existing glazing.
  • The triangular facade will be flattened and the existing “roof awnings in the north” will be painted black to match the rest of the mall.
  • A smaller open-air roof replaces the existing drive-through roof, which will be completely removed, on the south side.

No lighting or parking changes are suggested, but the planters in front of the drive-through roof are also removed. According to the city, the planters will be replaced with new ones.

Additionally, a process called the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System is used to match the new facade with the rest of the mall, as per city documents.

Tenants can use custom expressions on their facade canopies, but remain consistent with the rest of the Merriam Town Center through materials and colors.

The Merriam Planning Commission unanimously approved the aforementioned facade changes without discussion on Wednesday.

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