Furniture showroom constructed on government land worth Rs 10 crore razed in Barwani

Barwani: The county council demolished a furniture showroom that was built on government land and costs around 10 rupees. It is on the road along the Dussehra Maidan.

The government land that was freed from interference on Thursday was part of a special action by the district administration. According to district collector Shivraj Singh Verma, the remaining part of the exhibition space and workshop that were built behind the exhibition space will also be demolished.

The subdivision’s magistrate Ghanshyam Dhangar said the furniture showroom set up on government property by the road along Dussehra Maidan had been removed using two JCB machines. Shabir Hussain and Mehendi Hussain had built a furniture showroom and workshop there against the norms. The district administration has made efforts to eliminate interference in government and Nazi countries.

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