Furniture marks on your carpet? Man shares genius hack to get rid of them

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(via TikTok / @cleanthatup)

It’s the most annoying thing about carpet.

There is simply no way to prevent furniture from leaving a mark.

You rearrange the furniture in your house and hit there it is. The annoyingly visible furniture sign on your carpet.

However, now there is a very easy way to get rid of it and it will change everything!

Look here.

This is a real game changer. (via TikTok / @ cleanthatup)

The ingenious hack by TikTok user @cleanthatup shows how you can remove those irritating traces in just a few seconds.

All you have to do is put a damp cloth over the mark and steam it with an iron for 10-15 seconds.

Then just remove the towel and brush the carpet back in with a fork. Genius!

This is a real game changer. Who will try

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