For residents and trash haulers alike, Pasco tweaks its solid waste ordinance

NEW PORT RICHEY – New rules to ensure garbage hauliers provide quality service to their customers – and that customers keep their garbage under lock and key – were approved on Tuesday when the Pasco County Commission updated their garbage ordinance.

The new rules, which go into effect in 10 days, require customers to store all of their trash in bins with lids, and they must not allow trash to build up outside of those bins. The rules also require customers to maintain their property without waste that is improperly stored.

There are also additional requirements for waste transporters. You must provide commercial recycling to those businesses who request the service even though recycling is not mandatory.

Carriers also have new rules for handling recurring complaints for the same problem or from the same customer. They must keep a record of the complaint that is submitted to the county and resolve the complaint in a timely manner.

Waste carriers must also provide a method of ensuring compliance with regulations for truck and equipment maintenance, equipment leakage on public and private roads, and clean and sanitary equipment and containers.

Commissioner Jack Mariano expressed concern about such equipment malfunctions, noting that a fluid leak in the past has actually damaged the roads. However, the county staff assured him that the new regulations would put in place a reimbursement system to address such issues.

The new provisions of the ordinance also allow the county to conduct annual tariff reviews to ensure that carriers are charging within the limits of what is allowed. The existing rules only allowed this before the renewal of the 10-year license of a freight forwarder.

District officials met with hauliers in January to discuss the new rules and collect their contributions before putting the new rules in place.

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