Flying Mattress Causes Fiery Wreck Involving 18-Wheeler

A poorly secured mattress flew from the back of a pickup truck, causing an 18-wheeler to crash on a Texas freeway. According to KRGV, the big rig driver drove over the mattress and it got stuck under the trailer.

The mattress burned, which quickly spread and caught the entire truck in flames. The flames were so hot that they completely melted the cabin of the 18-wheeler. Photos of the wreck show the mutilated remains of the trailer truck on the side of the road.

Edinburgh police said the driver managed to get out of the truck’s cab before the fire started and was not injured.

The pickup truck driver fled the scene and was last seen heading north on 281. Authorities are working to track down the driver and it is unclear whether they will be charged with the accident.

Photo: Edinburgh Police Department

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