Fly-tippers condemned for dumping mattress and tyres in country lane

Fly-dumpers who dumped a mattress and other rubbish on a country road were condemned by the council presidents.

The rubbish – including a car battery, tires and plastic packaging – was found on the side of the road between junction 41 of the M6 ​​and Catterlen.

A resident of Catterlen discovered the garbage.

They said, “It’s horrific. If you made the effort to get your trash out of here, why can’t you just drive it for a tip? “

Another villager added, “It is a terrible sign of the times.”

Last year there were 326 cases of fly litter in Eden – a third of that equals a small van load.

An Eden Council spokesman said: “Tilting flies is a crime. The Eden District Council condemns all tipping movements as irresponsible, potentially polluting and sometimes dangerous to the public.

“Investigating and removing tips costs huge amounts of taxpayers’ money each year and the Council will prosecute and prosecute offenders wherever possible.”

Nationally, the problem costs taxpayers nearly £ 50 million to clean up each year.

Anyone believed to have tipped can file a fixed charge of £ 200 from the council.

However, if prosecuted in court, offenders can be fined up to £ 95,000, their vehicle confiscated and even jailed.

If you see someone tipping flies, it is recommended that you do not attack the culprit yourself.

Instead, write down the time and location of the incident, the vehicle registration and description, a photo, the type of trash, and any other information you think is relevant.

The council will work to ensure that fly tipping is removed from public land.

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