Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Eyes Expansion, Growing Leaders


Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 5:01 p.m. EST

Updated: Friday, December 4, 2020 at 9:15 am ESTBy Wes Mills, Content Manager

INDIANAPOLIS – For nearly a decade, Hoosiers in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne have turned to Fire Dawgs Junk Removal to remove unnecessary items or tear down unsightly structures. The company recently started operations in Bloomington and now plans to expand into Muncie and Lafayette.

Fire Dawgs has an ambitious plan to locate operations in every town in Indiana.

In an interview with Gerry Dick on Inside INdiana Business, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bennett Grove II said part of his business model is turning people into business leaders and giving them a new market to pursue.

“Once we have these leaders, we need to give them a place to grow. We have to give them opportunities, ”Grove explained. “We want our team members to grow intrinsically. We want them to be introspective. We want them to grow as people and learn new skills. “

Grove’s acumen and willingness to train others could be traced back to his time in the military. For six years he served as a firefighter in the US Air Force, from which the company name was derived.

“When you’re in the military as a firefighter, you are known as the Dawn of Fire,” Grove said.

When he retired from the military, he became a civilian firefighter. In his spare time from the fire station, Grove created a sideline, hauling trash and removed materials that his customers wouldn’t handle.

“We do the tough jobs that people could do themselves, but they just don’t want to,” Grove said. “We convey the culture: ‘We are the tough dogs that can do it.'”

Eventually he found enough work and founded his company in 2011.

“I started removing Fire Dawg’s junk. We just kept this name so that we can establish the roots of the fire service in the company. “

Now ten years on, Grove says that as he is focused on the company’s mission to provide good service and pursue growth, he wants to continue to help nurture future leaders.

“When we bring people into our company, we sit down with them. We talk to them about, “If you ever leave the company, he wants you to leave a better person than you did when you came,” Grove said.

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