Famous BNA carpet removed during construction | Davidson County

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Nashville International Airport removes its iconic carpetwhich has become a social media hit as part of the ongoing renovations.

BNA removes his carpet and sells it in his shop

Nashville International Airport is removing its carpet that has become a social media hit.

According to Doug Kreulen, president of the BNA, the airport in Concourse B is moving from carpet to terrazzo.

On Tuesday morning, Kreulen said the crews would lay more than 1,500 feet of flooring and then the floors would be polished. You repeat the process on the other side.

Amazing to watch the transition from carpet to terrazzo in Concourse B at @Fly_Nashville. Over 1,500 feet of flooring to be polished, then we move to the other side. pic.twitter.com/IlyriNoqk8

– Doug Kreulen (@DougKreulen) August 25, 2020

The switch was documented on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. Click here to view the tweets.

This carpet is also available as a doormat in the BNA shop. Click here to purchase.

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