Family safely evacuates after mattress catches fire Friday morning

By Linda Trest, employee

The Gerald-Rosebud and Beaufort-Leslie Fire Brigades answered a call to an apartment at 105 N. Main in Gerald on Friday morning.

A woman who lives in the apartment said a burning mattress triggered the 911 call.

The woman said she, three children, her mother and her fiance were all home when the fire broke out.

In the living room the woman said she had started to smell smoke. When she started tracking the smell, she found her son in his bedroom door with the burning mattress behind him. He told his mother that he was playing with a lighter when the mattress caught fire. He had tried to put out the flames so as not to get into trouble.

The woman’s fiancé began to work on putting out the fire when the woman and her mother safely took the children out of the apartment and called for help.

Firemen came and removed the mattress and burned blankets to the yard. Then they tried to remove smoke from the apartment.

More details will be available in the next issue of The Repulican.

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