Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company Lines Up Donations to San Antonio Food Bank

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  • A Habitat for Humanity truck carries furniture and building materials salvaged from Junk King San Anotnio.

Almost 80% of Americans do spring cleaning every year, and that was before COVID-19 forced us all to become Netflix recluses.

If you are part of this group, there is now an option in San Antonio to step up your COVID cleaning, thanks to a green waste disposal company that promises to find ways to salvage items you think are trashy.

Junk King San Antonio has a number of promotions planned for the San Antonio Food Bank and local restaurants during the crisis.

Through July, Junk King customers who have ordered a meal at a local restaurant within seven days of a moving date will receive a 10% discount on their bill. The company will also donate $ 5 from each move to the San Antonio Food Bank to support its efforts to feed local families.

The Food Bank is just the newest organization to benefit from donations from Junk King’s San Antonio franchise. It has made regular contributions to Roll Models SATX, Habitat for Humanity, the Animal Defense League, and the Salvation Army.

“Our goal is to reduce landfilling as much as possible,” franchisee DeWitt Rote told Current. “Things are so uncertain right now and I think everyone crouches down and realizes [COVID-19] won’t go away. This month was our busiest month in the history of the San Antonio franchise. ”

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