East Lancashire warehouse manager stole garden furniture

A two-time FATHER has landed before a judge after stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods from his employer.

Gordon Hammett became the subject of an internal investigation at RE Dawson, a family business that sells home and garden tools, after the company’s bosses became suspicious of the behavior of some employees.

A search of Hammett’s house revealed that he had taken several items from his employer, including garden furniture, a barbecue, a parasol and some benches.

Following the case in Burnley Crown Court, Adam Lodge said: “In June 2018, an internal investigation was launched into the alleged theft of goods from the warehouse and other goods en route to other locations.

“It was suspected that employees and others outside the company were involved in theft.

As a result of the investigation, the police were contacted and on June 22nd, officers visited the defendant’s home and he was arrested on suspicion of theft.

“A search was carried out and a lot of garden furniture was found, including deck chairs, a swing, a corner sofa and table, benches and blankets, a parasol and a grill.

“These items have been collected and certified as Company property. Simon Dawson put a total value of £ 3,495.”

In the interview, Hammett admitted taking all items with him except the grill, which he allegedly bought secondhand.

Mr. Lodge added, “The defendant alleged that the goods he took were all damaged and could not be sold. In essence, he said there was a policy that such goods could be taken away from employees.

“They were later examined and all found to be salable. Much of it was actually sold at a discounted price. He also confirmed that there is no such policy allowing them to remove damaged goods. ”

As a worker, Hammett was originally charged along with another man, although all charges against him have been dropped.

In defending him, Matthew Buckland said: “He is a man who was the subject of very minor crime as a youth and who lived a hard working, decent and ordinary life raising his family with his partner.

“It is no accident that this significant drop in the standards he set for himself came at a time when he was separating from his wife.

“There is no excuse for what happened, but it is a background explanation as to why a man of 42 and previously of good character would commit this type of crime.”

Judge Sara Dodd sentenced him to 8 months in prison and was suspended for 18 years to keep her property safe and you have helped yourself.

“Not on property that was damaged after it was sold, or on items that you were allowed to take with you. With your request you confirm that you should not have taken these items. ”

Hammett of Stockbridge Road in Padiham is also required to do 80 hours of unpaid labor and a rehabilitation request order.

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