Durant adopts new extra trash hauling guidelines – News – Herald Democrat

After several months of dispute from local residents, Durant City Utilities last week approved new guidelines for garbage collection, particularly for additional transportation procedures.

Several city officials also spent much of the weekend May 2-3 picking up extra rubbish from the city streets to improve the community’s image.

The additional transport is a monthly service for private utility customers that aims to prevent various types of waste from collecting and overloading the city. It is limited to six cubic meters per month but does not contain household waste.

Free additional transports are now the first Saturday of every month from 6 a.m. unless the first Saturday falls on a public holiday. If so, it will take place the following Saturday.

In contrast to previous years, residents must contact the city’s plumbing department at least three days before the scheduled pick-up date.

It is also not permitted to leave items for collection on the curb more than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up and no later than 6 a.m. on the scheduled date.

The city also reminded residents of some restrictions on what and how roadside collections can occur.

Leaves, grass, and other debris must be bagged, and the branches of the trees are neatly stacked and cut to a length of no more than six feet and two inches in diameter. Branches and brush must be separated from other foreign bodies.

Construction and commercial waste such as dirt, stones, bricks and concrete are not picked up by the city.

Tree stumps, trunks and larger branches require a special truck but must be identified with the Public Works Department when planning the pickup.

Additional additional transports are available for a fee and must also be agreed with the plumbing department.

Dumping a load of rubbish up to £ 1,500 is still allowed free of charge at the municipal landfill with an electricity bill for the city of Durant.

“I encourage all citizens to adhere to these new guidelines as there is no tolerance for violations,” commented Durant Mayor Oden Grube.

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