Dumpster rentals increase for home renovation, cleaning amid pandemic | News

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB / WHSM) – Many people take advantage of this time at home by doing the flushing or perhaps taking on a home renovation project.

The rental of house containers – those big dumpsters – is increasing.

Western Mass News spoke to the owner of one such company in Western Mass, who is grateful for the increased business and employees.

Roll-off dumpsters from USA Hauling & Recycling are popping up everywhere these days.

One of the US owners, Frank Antonacci, said Western Mass News calls are coming in daily.

“We hear a lot of people doing projects that might be backlogged or planned later this summer and push them forward while they are at home to get a go at home renovation and cleaning,” Antonacci said.

He said customers clean everything except what is not allowed in one of those huge containers.

“No dangerous household waste, no car batteries, no ash, no fuels, no oils, all those things you would say, ‘You know what, I don’t think I should put that in there. That’s probably a good initial smell test for this, ”he said.

With so many changes and cuts during the pandemic, Antonacci said the extra business comes at a good time for the company and its employees.

“Your hours and everything has also decreased in the past three weeks. It was therefore very important to us that our employees keep working and get the hours and work they need to be able to support their families. Antonacci said.

USA Hauling & Recycling also offers residential garbage collection using a fully automated system so that collectors do not have to handle the contents or the bins. This end of business also sees a bump in business.

“Residents who usually took their rubbish to handover stations or dumps on a weekly basis, many people take this opportunity to sign up for our services so that they no longer have to bring their rubbish to these facilities to promote social distancing guidelines,” said Antonacci.

Western Mass News checked prices across Western Mass for roll-off or dumpster rental. The range found was between $ 250 and $ 750, depending on the time and size.

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