Dumpster fire helps town say good riddance to 2020

BELEN, NM (KOAT) – Almost everyone would agree that 2020 was a dumpster fire.

One city thought a dumpster fire was the perfect way to say goodbye to the past year.

“Tonight we’re saying goodbye to 2020 in a different way,” said fire chief Brett Ruff.

“Tonight we have a literal dumpster fire in Belen,” said Mayor Jerah Cordova.

The message is not difficult to miss. Goodbye 2020.

“That’s exactly what we do to get rid of all of our rubbish. That’s how we see it somehow! “Said Ruff.

The Mayor of Belen and the fire brigade invited residents to watch them go up in flames this year.

“They pull up to give us their old calendars, some of their paper masks, and the like. Just to burn it down and say goodbye by 2020 and 2021, ”said Ruff.

“I just put the Valencia County Visitor’s Guide on fire because we were hoping for tourists this year and that obviously wasn’t possible,” said Cordova.

The mayor said the idea actually came from someone in the community on Facebook and it totally worked from there.

Of course, watching 2020 items burn to ashes is satisfying.

“What we are looking for right now is hope. We know 2020 has been an impossible year for so many people and we have an opportunity tonight to remind people that 2021 is here. There is a lot of hope. We have a vaccine. We know things are getting better, ”said Cordova.

One Important Note: The Belen Fire Department wants to remind anyone who sees this story that they are professionals.

They said you shouldn’t start your own dumpster fire in 2020 without proper supervision.

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