Don’t overspend on carpet with these money-saving tips

Buying carpets is something that most homeowners will have to do sooner or later. It’s not exciting, but what is exciting is saving money by buying smart.

One idea is to buy from an independent store or point of sale.

“Compared to a box store, we don’t decorate heavily, but we have a lot of carpet patterns, knowledge and we cut out the middleman. And that’s how our customers save, ”said Gary Benjamin, owner of Benny’s Carpet on Pendleton Pike.

Benny’s has been in business for 32 years. He says to look for dealers who will walk you through the whole carpet buying process.

“Your staff explained the difference in upholstery really well. There are different types and I’ve learned that it’s just as important as the rug itself, ”said Benny’s customer, Heather Harvell.

Heather found that upholstery is an essential part of protecting your rug. Without proper padding, the carpet will not be supported and will wear out much faster.

A good pad is measured by density, not inches. A pad that’s under 5 pounds won’t support the carpet as well as a good 6-8 pound pad.

“You want a solid block. People may think they should sink comfortably into their ankles, but this is a cheap pad and you don’t want that. You want something solid to protect your carpet longer, ”said Benjamin.

Probably the best way to choose a carpet spot is through recommendations! When friends and family have had a good experience with a carpet store and their carpet and upholstery have stood the test of time, this will make your choice easier and more reliable.

“My sister referred me to Benny’s. She had really good business with them and their carpet still looks very good, ”said Harvell.

Saving money by removing your old carpet and moving it yourself is often NOT worth the pain! Many sellers will do it for free or for very little. You should evaluate the carpet job with and without carpet removal and then decide whether it is worth doing it yourself.

And as for laying carpets, you will save money, but a big job with seams should generally be left to professionals.

And what about buying additional stain protection?

“Nowadays, every carpet with one or the other product is stained twice at the factory. If you can get extra stain repellent or buy it at the grocery store, all you have to do is run a chemical reaction that will hold in the dirt and make a bigger mess until you clean it, ”said Benjamin.

There is a lot of carpet to buy, so go to a place that will find out what you need, but you won’t over sell what you don’t. Unless the carpet sellers ask you a lot of questions about your needs, family size, and wants, the main question you should ask yourself is where to shop.

“We spend a lot of time with potential customers. We ask where do you put the rug, how many people live in your house, do they have large families and so on. We’ll also see if they need a hard or softer texture. Most people want a super soft rug, but that’s not always practical, ”said Benjamin.

The questions and answers can even be asked online.

Experts suggest you get estimates from multiple companies. Many can be found online with reviews.

Shop locally when you can as the service is easiest and the price is probably the best.

Many places sell carpet by the square meter, others sell it by the square meter. So how can you compare?

They can do the math or just have the carpet place brought to your home, measure and give you a price for a finished job with listing.

Leftovers are also a great way to save. Leftovers are simply a roll of carpet that isn’t full, but often enough for your needs. Wherever you go, take your time and don’t let anyone rush you.

“We want them to take samples home and think about them for a day or two. People shouldn’t make a quick decision when a carpet salesman comes to their home with a handful of examples. They’ll say pick one of the five, we’ll be here in a week, ”said Benjamin. “That’s not a good answer. This is high pressure and you will not get good service. “

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