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Get rid of your trash, give something back to your community.

In today’s Indy style, we get to know Curbsides for Charity, a perfect way to help out this Christmas season. Here’s more with Amber and Jeff McDole, Jr., Fire Dawgs Junk Removal.

About Curbsides for Charity:

• WHO: Fire Dawgs Junk Removal will partner with the nonprofit group Firefighters on a Mission to run Curbsides for Charity to raise funds for Wheeler Mission Ministries and the Drumstick Dash. Each truck that provides the Curbsides for Charity consists of a member of the Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Team and an IFD firefighter from the firefighters of a mission group. This event is supported and sponsored by the WISH-TV team!
• WHAT: We offer the Curbside Junk Removal Service to anyone interested in our services. 100% of the money raised that day will be donated to firefighters of a mission who will donate these funds, as well as the funds they normally raise with their own donor group and efforts, to the Wheeler Mission Ministries in support of the Drumstick Dash.
• WHERE: We will provide these curbside or curbside-like garbage disposal services in and around Indianapolis. Basically Marion County and its adjacent counties. Items can be left outside on the curb or other easily accessible area. An example of an area like the roadside would be right in front of a garage that is easily accessible.
• WHEN: Sunday, November 22nd from 9am until the schedule is full and the job is done!
• WHY: At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, our mission statement is to build leaders and grow while delivering award-winning service. We want our leaders to demonstrate these leadership skills through community service that only helps them grow as individuals while doing valuable service and raising money for amazing organizations that do good with the money like firefighters on a mission and Wheeler Mission Ministries .

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