Do They Keep the Furniture on ‘Love It or List It’? We Have Tea

Anyone who tunes in to HGTV regularly knows the popular series Love It Or List It. Hilary Farr and David Visentin’s reality show focuses on a homeowner who is fed up with the current situation. Hilary, a home designer, is working on renovating the house while David, a real estate agent, is working to find them a new home. In the end, the homeowner either sticks to their newly renovated home or lists it and moves.

After renovating the client’s home, Hilary completely adorns it with new furniture, and many have wondered if clients can keep any of it after filming wraps. After a little research, we have some behind-the-scenes knowledge of the popular reality series. However, get ready because the tea is hot.

What you see on “Love It Or List It” is not necessarily what the customer gets.

While the results on Love It Or List It are generally pretty fabulous, given that Hilary and David are incredibly talented, their results appear to be a little different from what clients actually get in real life. According to Screen Rant, a number of clients have come off the show and have said that Hilary’s team often leaves many jobs unfinished even though they look completely done to appear presentable to the cameras.

Apparently, not all of the houses David shows are for sale either. After the show is finished filming, additional unfinished renovation designs as well as the furniture are apparently completely removed from the house and the customer generally remains with their original option. With that in mind, we have to wonder what actually happens to the furniture, but there are some theories.

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Source: YouTube

So what happens to the ‘Love It or List It’ furniture? There are several theories.

There are a few theories behind what happens to the furniture from the finished product on Love It Or List It. In a / hgtv Reddit thread, user RickWest495 claimed that all of the furniture is used solely for staging, and while some of it is actually owned by the customer (if Hilary likes it, of course), a large part of it is intended solely for show, and after filming, it will most likely be returned or used on the set of another episode.

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User Pepsidudemike also noted that a large portion of the furniture is from the online furniture brand Wayfair and that the show has a partnership with them.

Whether Wayfair will take the furniture back after filming the packaging or whether it will let the customer keep it is a complete mystery. However, it seems that there is really nothing for the customer to keep, which means they will likely be returned to the online manufacturer. This is unconfirmed but it is definitely stopping us from applying for the show anytime soon.

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While it says Love It Or List it seems fun in theory, it doesn’t exactly sound like a situation where you see what you get. As a result, the results may be a little more disappointing than previously thought.

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