Del City can help you get rid of that old mattress and broken tree limbs March 8-12

• The bulk waste service is only intended for private customers. Commercial companies are not included in the mass waste program.

The bulk goods picked up include: Cardboard boxes (disassembled and tied in tight bundles), non-contractually agreed renovation waste (DIY projects), carpets, mattresses, fences, household appliances, furniture as well as trees and branches.

These items will not be dragged away: tree and grass debris from the contractor; Construction / reconstruction / demolition of the contractor; Antifreeze; Lubricant; Automobile frame; Core material; Brake fluid; Oils; Tires and rims; Pesticide; Car batteries; Poisons; Gasoline, kerosene and other fuels; Bricks, dirt, stones and concrete; Acids and caustics; Propane tanks; Crankcase or gearbox; or repair waste.

The city will not accept degreasers either; Rust remover; Explosive; Sewage and liquid waste; Fertilizer; Sheetrock or roof items; Hospital / medical waste; or pool chemicals.

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