Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, a 2021 ThreeBestRated award-winning carpet cleaner, lists the merits of professional carpet cleaning

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can be challenging and arduous work without any guarantee of a successful result after all the hard work. You might think that one of these carpet cleaners would be cheaper than renting a professional carpet cleaner, but is it? Take a moment to think about whether the fight is really worth it. You may also think you are saving a few pennies, but a certified carpet cleaning technician has been trained to know what your carpet needs and has the skills to get the best results possible.

We reached out to Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, an award-winning 2021 ThreeBestRated® Calgary carpet cleaning company, to find out the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner over home improvement.

“When you hire a professional cleaner, you save valuable time, money, and effort,” says Karen Norman, co-owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning. She highlights some of the other benefits of professional carpet cleaning:

  • Steam cleaning can extend the life of your rug and help it look as fresh as it does when new.

  • Trained technicians are experienced in removing stubborn stains like spilled drink, grape juice, dirt, muddy paws, and other breakdowns on pets. Often times, when homeowners try to remove stains on their own, they make the situation worse or even permanent.

  • Special carpet cleaning treatments help create a healthier living space with protection from allergens and disinfection of the carpet.

  • In simple terms, professional carpet cleaning is more effective and efficient than any do-it-yourself carpet cleaning.

About Dang Good Carpet and Stove Cleaning – Calgary

Mark Norman and Karen Norman are the owners of Dang Good Carpet and FurnaceCleaning. “The first inspiration for the business came from Mark,” says Karen. Mark Norman had worked with several carpet cleaning companies over the years and had always done well in the industry. That gave him the motivation to start his own carpet cleaning company. They started Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning in April 2016. When they started the company, Mark started out as a one-person field operation with a carpet cleaning truck owner. Shortly thereafter, however, Karen left her job in the oil and gas sector to join Mark and run the business. Now they have grown into a company that employs nine people. Says Karen, “We have four carpet cleaning trolleys, three oven cleaning trolleys, and now one window cleaning trolley and specialty window cleaning equipment that specialize in upholstery cleaning, disinfection, window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning.”

Mark and Karen have provided exceptional customer service over the years and are passionate about making customers happy. They say: “We want to amaze our customers beyond the profit. We always try to see things from the customer’s point of view and have tremendous empathy and respect for them. The little things are important, their homes are important, and the personal touch is important. And we react consistently to good and bad feedback. We don’t always get it right, but we try to learn from each experience and stay humble. “

Dang Good carpet and oven cleaning business has many achievements and accolades for its name. When it came to winning the ThreeBestRated® Award in 2021, it said, “To be included in ThreeBestRated is invaluable to us in the local community. After taking a close look at the ThreeBestRated® Canada’s 50-point inspection a few years ago, we know how much work goes into determining the top three in each category in each city, and we couldn’t be happier on these Way to have been recognized. “

The Dang Good Carpet and Oven Cleaning Team is a well known and respected company in the cleaning industry known for their high quality yet affordable work. Visit the website https://danggoodcarpetandfurnacecleaning.com/ for more information.

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