Cyclone Yaas: Road furniture to be removed, scan on cars

All crash barriers and street furniture such as lock signs, speed markings, signposts and traffic cones will be removed on Tuesday to prevent accidents from high winds blowing through the city under the influence of Cyclone Yaas.

Traffic cops will also try to ensure that no cars are parked under trees during or after the cyclone.

A senior police officer said all traffic cops were asked to conduct an inspection of their respective areas on Tuesday to look for traffic furniture on streets and vehicles parked under trees and to ensure that it was removed.

Hundreds of crash barriers, used as speed limiters, center dividers or barricades along footpaths, are being removed from the streets. They are tied in clusters by the roadside so they don’t fly under the impact of the cyclone.

“We will ask the people behind the wheel to remove the cars from under the trees. If no one is near a car, we will find the owner’s name and contact details from the registration number and ask them to remove the vehicle. If we don’t contact the owner, we can use a tow truck to tow the car to a safe place where it can be picked up later, ”said one official.

People sometimes park their cars under trees to protect themselves from rain or wind. They are often injured after branches tear and fall on the cars.

Traffic cops, who are the most visible members of the Kolkata Police Department, have been asked to retreat from the streets during the cyclone to ensure their safety, Lalbazar sources said. “It is very important to be safe first. It would not help anyone if someone got out during the cyclone and was injured or died. We can only serve people if we are alive, ”said a senior police officer.

Police officers across the city, including those from the traffic department and police stations, made announcements to alert people to the precautions that must be taken before, during and after the storm.

Residents of buildings in the Alipore and New Alipore areas with rooftop vegetable gardens and nurseries have been asked to enclose their gardens to prevent flower pots from flying and ending up elsewhere.

Police announced in neighborhoods like Tollygunge, Regent Park and Garia that they would fill PVC water tanks to prevent them from being uprooted and damaging life and property. “We learned lessons from Amphan. Water tanks can be very dangerous if not handled properly. We urge people to fill their water tanks so that the storm doesn’t displace them, ”said an official in southern Calcutta.

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