Customers Buy Up Fridges, Kitchen Appliances at Appliance Stores

Daugherty Appliance is seeing an increase in customers.

CLOQUET, Minn. – As more people stay home, some appliance stores have seen more customers.

Daugherty Appliances owners in Cloquet said their fridges and freezers sold like hot cakes as people look for more storage space to stock up on more groceries.

They add that more people have bought full kitchen suites to upgrade their kitchens.

The store continues to have full staff to install what you need after making sure it is safe.

“We will work out the agreements with you, we will follow the rules that the CDC put there, so you are safe, they are safe,” said co-owner Scott Boedigheimer. “We don’t want anyone to get sick. Our service department is the same. “

“You call, we’ll ask you a few questions,” he continued. “We want to find out how healthy your house is so that our people don’t get sick. Then we will take care of your problem and bring you new things. “

Boedigheimer advised that when you need to replace a refrigerator, access it immediately and take what you can get.

Once they run out of fridges and the few freezers, they may not get another shipment until August.

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