Curbside junk pickup out, self-haul in for Malta residents

MALTA – Malta joins the long list of municipalities that do not offer roadside rubbish collection.

Last year, during the pandemic, the city switched from roadside pickup to a series of days where residents could lug their large items into a trash can. However, local residents complained that this made the service essentially useless: many did not own a vehicle large enough to hold couches, rubble, and other large items. Some local residents also said they couldn’t lift the items in and out of their vehicles.

They wanted the curb service to be restored. But switching to a dispensing system saved the city money, said supervisor Darren O’Connor, who urged people to find a way to get the new service up and running.

“Try to find a friend with a pickup truck. Some people got together and rented a pickup, ”he advised.

Ballston and Clifton Park are now among the few communities in Saratoga County that have days left for roadside pickup. Self-transportation days are becoming increasingly common, with Charlton, Waterford, and Stillwater being among those announcing occasional drop-off dates.

As bulk pickup days become rarer elsewhere in the county, residents of other cities began hauling items into Malta to be dropped off by the roadside. People also started to dispose of items that the city had not taken away because of the disposal costs.

“People were displaying televisions, tires, and refrigerators,” O’Connor said, adding that the city eventually took these items away. “We have to keep the city clean. We cannot allow the city to become a garbage heap. “

People also went through the items before the city transport companies got there and removed anything of value that made the pickup day more expensive.

“We recycle the metal. We get paid for the metal. The money goes to the city fund, ”he said. “The money we get for the metal doesn’t cover everything, but it is compensation.”

After complaints, he said he could change the event in the future.

“Whether we will continue this every year or whether we will do a hybrid, I don’t know,” he said. “The only problem is that we have older people. Those who can achieve it are grateful, but they are the ones who can. “

This year, residents with proof of address can hand in bulk goods on this Saturday and June 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the town hall complex, 2540 Route 9.

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