Crews find grease dumpster, freezer while clearing drainage ditch ahead of storm

BATON ROUGE – A large freezer was found Thursday in East Baton Rouge among the debris pulled from a sewer system.

City parishioners were out and about across the region on Thursday morning, preparing for the heavy rains that are expected to come with Cristobal early next week.

Officials said the crews removed a beaver dam near Scotland Avenue Thursday morning when they received a call about another obstacle in Centurion Place on O’Neal Lane. There, the workers found a fat rubbish bin, which was often used to store excess fat in restaurants, and an ice bucket that blocked a drainage channel.

Y’all, you just pulled a grease dumpster and ice bin out of a drain in the O’Neal Ln neighborhood. And earlier, crews tore down a beaver dam that blocked another drainage canal off Scotland Ave.

More about the preparations of the community before #TSCristobal later at @WBRZ

– Trey Couvillion (@treycouvtv) June 4, 2020

It is unclear how long the debris blocked the canal.

The capital could see rain from Cristobal this weekend as it is expected to approach the Gulf Coast. You can find more information about the storm and its possible effects here:

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