Council packs up furniture from Holt Hall

Norfolk County Council has started removing furniture from Holt Hall, the popular outdoor education center it voted to close last year.

Some of the items will be taken to community homes, while others will be stored or given to charities.

The removal of the furniture comes after the Friends of Holt Hall, a volunteer organization that worked to save the outdoor education center, officially expressed an interest in bidding for Holt Hall as an asset of community value.

The expression of interest triggers a six-month moratorium period, which prevents the listed building and its property from being offered or sold on the open market.

Nic Hopkins, a trustee of the Friends of Holt Hall.  Image: Nic Hopkins

Nic Hopkins, a trustee of the Friends of Holt Hall. Image: Nic Hopkins
– Credit: Archant

Nic Hopkins, the trustee and treasurer of the Friends of Holt Hall (FOHH), said the decision to remove the building’s furniture was “not the call he made,” and the group stated they did would be happy to make them available for any future use of the center.

He said: “We would have preferred, and pointed out that it would have been very helpful if our project to restore outdoor education had been implemented there, for the furniture to be available to the future center, but I understand that there is custom and practices exist for properties to be sold. “

Mr Hopkins added that he hoped the Holt Hall library could be saved for future use and that if the furniture could be used by a charity it would be better than “scrapped”.

John Fisher, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Children's Services.  Image: Norfolk County Coun

John Fisher, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services.
– Credit: Norfolk County Council

John Fisher, NCC Cabinet Member for Childcare, said, “The furniture in the building is not currently in use and we know there are many families and nonprofits in the county who could use it.

“Some furniture will be brought into our homes, some will be kept for future use. We will be keeping all educational equipment and resources.

“Any remaining items can be picked up by charities and volunteer organizations, including the Friends of Holt Hall. We allow certain days and time slots to do this to ensure we are safe.”

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