Coronavirus Impact: Surge in home appliance sales creating shortages amid pandemic

In this pandemic year, supply and demand are out of whack. This has created an unprecedented demand for kitchen and laundry appliances.

Some retailers report a two-month wait for certain brands of refrigerators or dryers.

It’s a fact – people are crazy about home improvement. In the spring there was a run with freezers and fridges. With the reduction in factories and consumer willingness to buy, there is now a shortage of large household appliances.

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Some of the purchases are based on need

“More people are replacing their devices because they are being used more than they used to be,” said John Raynor, general sales manager for Airport Home Appliance.

Raynor added that the lifespan of most devices is seven to eight years. However, if you work from home and open the refrigerator 20 times a day and cook from home more often, you may need to make repairs. There is also a large backlog in repair services.

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“Many devices have been reordered,” said Raynor. “We happen to have the advantage of a wide choice.”

Other stores report selling floor models to desperate buyers who can’t wait.
These devices, such as washers, dryers and ovens, have contributed to a 9 percent increase in cargo from Asia to the port of Oakland in recent months.

On many days ships have to anchor because berths are not immediately available.

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“You even see a lack of very prosaic things like the trailers to set up the containers,” said Mike Zampa of the Port of Oakland. “While we have this surge, it may take a little longer to get your cargo.”

Retailers recommend being flexible about the brand and features of a home appliance in order to get a quick review.

As people continue to work remotely, the extremely high demand for kitchen and laundry equipment is expected to continue for the next six to eight months.

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