Consumer Affairs Victoria warning for furniture removalist firm

Consumer Affairs Victoria launched a supposedly seedy furniture removal company that has warned customers to be careful about hiring the company.

Nicole Rich, director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, issued the public warning about the furniture removal company Ajanvi Pty Ltd, which operates under the name My Moovers.

The warning comes after a number of complaints about the company’s business practices, including allegedly deliberately driving lengthy travel routes between properties in order to increase the amount charged for their services.

Other complaints related to allegations that employees acted unprofessionally and aggressively, did not exercise the required care and expertise, assumed no liability for damage to walls and objects such as furniture, did not take part in the agreed workplaces on time and did not provide services as agreed, e.g. For example, using insufficiently sized vehicles, failing to disclose the total cost of their services and charging them over their offerings, and inadequate handling of consumer complaints.

Ms. Rich said it was in the public interest to post a public warning about the company as Consumer Affairs Victoria had recently received a disproportionate number of complaints about My Moovers.

She said the public warning was necessary because there were allegations that My Moovers continued to violate Australia’s Consumer (Vic) Act, despite the company pledging to improve its business practices in 2018 and renewed remedial action in 2020.

Consumer Affairs Victoria said that warnings were recently issued against the company by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Protection in Western Australia.

The watchdog said it continued to receive complaints from consumers about My Moovers through 2020, expressing “persistent and serious concerns” about the company’s willingness to comply with its legal obligations.

Ms. Rich urged consumers to be careful about entering into agreements with My Moovers.

The Melbourne-based company operates nationally and engages consumers through its website.

My Moovers has been contacted for comment on the allegations.

Anyone with a concern about My Moovers can contact Consumer Affairs Victoria at 1300 55 81 81 or email [email protected]

[email protected]

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