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C.Residents of Olorado Springs and Manitou Springs experienced another round of missed garbage collection by GFL Environmental and were unable to communicate with the company.

Some residents have said on social media that their trash has not been collected in three weeks and that the GFL has not answered their calls and emails.

One Westside resident, Steve Bartley, was so frustrated that he trashed in the GFL offices at 650 Santa Fe St. on August 6th.

The garbage collection was scheduled the day before at Bartley, but the garbage was not collected and Bartley received no responses to his calls.

So he loaded two trash bags into his truck and took them to the Colorado Springs office to be parked and left off duty. At first, the company refused to accept the garbage.

Bartley insisted. and a GFL employee eventually carried the bags away.

“I found my experience in their local office here when I resigned myself as unprofessional and ordered the armed security order themselves and KRDO News to leave their parking lot as another example of their bad behavior towards a customer – me at least.” he said.

Before going to the office, Bartley said he had taken his case to GFL’s US corporate offices in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Customer service promised to call me back the same day with some answers and solutions. I never heard another word, ”said Bartley.

He was able to quit his service, but Manitou Springs residents, who have a contract with GFL as the single freight forwarder for residential garbage and recycling services, do not have that option.

Manitou city councils approved an extension of the contract with the GFL in July before the city learned of the topical issues, Mayor John Graham said.

Manitou City Administrator Denise Howell and Public Affairs Information Officer Alex Trefry met with Selemaea Apineru, Operations Specialist II at GFL last week after reading complaints posted on Facebook and NextDoor.

Trefry said Apineru agreed to set up an email address and phone number exclusively for Manitou residents.

“We said, ‘we need you to promote this on your end – put it on bills’ … and he agreed,” said Trefry.

Trefry says that Manitou residents can contact Apineru by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-207-6618 (extension). 71016.

Vaughan, Ontario-based GFL, the fourth largest environmental services company in North America, has aggressively expanded its presence in the United States through acquisitions. In June, the company acquired the assets of Advanced Disposal Services with facilities in 10 states. On August 12, the takeover of WCA Waste Corp. announced that it added facilities in 11 states in the Midwest and Southeast including Texas, Missouri, and Florida.

The company said the expansion would make it more efficient in all of its US locations.

GFL acquired the former Bestway waste disposal facility at the end of 2018. Complaints about missed pickups and poor customer service surfaced in fall 2019. At the time, GFL stated that it was having difficulties migrating to new telephone and billing systems. Service issues were partially attributed to a new digital collection logging system that did not always work properly.

“We have to stop our work to restore our good reputation,” said GFL General Manager Judd Staton in February.

The symptoms subsided for a while, but started again in July.

In late July, GFL posted a message on its Facebook page that an automated email system was in place to update customers when routes are expected to be delayed or missed. The company encouraged customers to log into their accounts to ensure they received these messages.

The company announced on July 31 that its team was working the following day collecting and recycling garbage if the pickup was missed.

“Providing quality service to our customers is our top priority,” said John Bosch, GFL regional vice president, in an email to the Business Journal on August 18. “We recognize the service problems and make effective changes that lead to sustainable improvement. We have a fantastic team of people who work hard every day.

“Customers trying to reach us know that the waiting times are longer than usual. This is due to very high call volumes. We took extra help to answer incoming calls, emails, and social media faster.

“If you have trouble reaching us by phone, please email us at [email protected] for immediate help. We strive to support every customer and ask for your patience during this time. “

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