Commentary: Will 2021 be the year we solve the mattress recycling problem?

UNTHA’s XR3000C paper shredder is helping Textenk in the UK achieve its goal of diverting one million mattresses per year.

By investing in machines that have been specially developed for this application, mattress recycling can quickly become a revenue-generating process.

For example, after 18 months of research, design and development, an automated mattress recycling line is now fully operational at textsk in the UK

With two UNTHA XR3000C document shredders, TEXTK plans to remove one million mattresses from the landfill every year.

The facility, which the organization considers to be the most advanced bulky waste recycling facility in the UK, can mechanically disassemble a mattress in just 30 seconds, compared to the seven minutes it would take a skilled worker to manually disassemble this complex type of product.

UNTHA’s rugged machines – with a nearly 9-foot-8-inch loading opening perfect for this bulky waste stream – effortlessly shred mattresses to <2 "particle size to free the steel from the herd. The sophisticated downstream technology then separates clean stoves from contaminated material, which is returned for re-shredding to ensure a 100 percent recycling rate.

Textk Director Allen Jackson commented on her installation: “In 2017, an estimated 7 million mattresses were disposed of at a cost of at least £ 20 million (US $ 26.2 million) before transportation and handling were considered. associated with illegal dumping, not to mention the environmental and trade costs of making new substitutes, it means the impact of this waste stream is increasing rapidly.

“As government initiatives gradually seek improved strategies for handling bulky waste, we realized that we needed to go faster and so we focused on developing our own automated line.

“After considerable investment, the system will be installed, tried and tested and is now expected to divert a million mattresses from the landfill in the next 12 months alone. But we don’t want to stop there – we are already thinking about creating additional special recycling lines for bulky waste in other parts of the country. ”

The industry took a leap forward, and what Textek has done is really inspiring. As part of the technology selection process, several paper shredders were rigorously vetted and the XR was put in for a week-long on-site test to prove it can handle the wide variety of foam and innerspring mattresses currently being disposed of in the UK as a result of which TEXTK took the Return machine for a second try to ensure equipment was able to meet capacity targets.

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