Clinton Township may cancel ‘tainted’ trash-hauling contract | Cops and Courts

Clinton community officials can vote on Monday to re-bid a 10-year $ 18 million garbage disposal contract as two former officials have brought criminal action over the existing agreement.

It’s about getting in touch with Green For Life, formerly known as Rizzo Environmental Services. Two former officials – ex-trustee Dean Reynolds and former planning director Carlo Santia – have ended up in legal hot water because of their behavior in contract leasing.

“The contract is tainted and we have a responsibility to look into it,” said Paul Gieleghem, the ward’s treasurer.

Gieleghem and two other trustees, Jenifer “Joie” West and Michael Keys, wrote a memo to their colleagues on the Board of Trustees asking for new competitive offers.

In 2014, the board approved a contract extension with Rizzo with 4: 3 votes without being advertised for bids, which was recommended by the committee for committee. A second extension was unanimously approved in 2016, largely because it enabled the switch to garbage trucks and included competitive pricing.

A provision in the extension gave Clinton Township the option to terminate the contract with 120 days’ notice after November 30, 2018.

Homeowners currently pay about $ 158 a year to transport trash.

After the second renewal was approved, it was revealed that the FBI had launched a full investigation into Macomb County’s public corruption. The first of 20 defendants was Reynolds, who was accused of accepting $ 50,000 in bribes from Rizzo to help him renew his lucrative garbage deal.

Reynolds was convicted of 14 cases of bribery during a June trial. He is in St. Clair County Jail waiting to be sentenced on February 6th.

During the Reynolds trial, it was revealed that Santia, the community’s longtime planning director, was involved in the program but was never charged. Santia withdrew shortly afterwards.

Santia admitted at the booth that he and then township engineer Paulin Modi, a Reynolds co-defendant of Giffels & Webster, had arranged for $ 16,000 to be paid to Reynolds as part of a bribery plot. Santia admitted she passed the bribes on.

Santia had previously agreed with the federal prosecutor that his testimony could not be used against him for a fraud conspiracy. It is unknown whether the US attorneys will bring his charges.

Gieleghem, the community’s treasurer, said the three trustees who are looking for new offers on the contract feel it is important to let the public know that they plan to keep the problem alive given taxpayers’ money and the integrity of the Community are at stake.

“We are calling on the Rejection Committee to conduct a rate study of communities comparable to ours and then prepare bid materials to get rid of this tainted contract and avoid Dean Reynolds Carlos Santia’s viewpoint from now on,” he said.

In addition, the local government will be reviewing an ethics ordinance on Monday urging community workers and officials to act fairly, ethically, transparently and accountably. “The regulation was drafted following the disclosure of the community’s involvement in the public corruption scandal.

The Board of Trustees will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Civic Center, 40700 Romeo Plank Road.

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