Clear Out Space This Spring With Denver’s Junk Removal & Armchair Samaritan – Press Release

Two local small businesses in Denver, Colorado are jointly offering a spring contract. Denver’s Junk Removal and Armchair Samaritan have teamed up to offer a spring contract for residents and businesses in Denver, Colorado. When it comes to disposing of old items like furniture, pianos, household appliances and more, this spring we have a 10% discount on trash removal and free donation collection.

Denver, CO – Denver’s Junk Removal, a professional garbage collection and disposal service, and Armchair Samaritan, a local Denver nonprofit that focuses on furniture and piano donations, have teamed up to offer a spring contract for Denver, Colorado residents and businesses.

Receive 10% off garbage disposal services and free collection of donations. Cleaning old items from rooms, offices, homes and buildings can be a tedious task. This offering offers residents and businesses across the metropolitan area benefits between trash removal and donations to help with spring cleaning.

Referring to the Spring Special, Neil Yarbrough, CEO of Denver’s Junk Removal, said, “We do great service every day and we love to offer seasonal deals. In collaboration with our friend and colleague Douglas from Armchair Samaritan, it’s even more fun. “

While discussing the promotion with Douglas Evans, President of Samaritan armchairHe said, “I have lived in Denver for a long time and have been blessed to serve the community through donations and charities. It goes without saying that we value our service to other locals and we look forward to helping you. “

The entrepreneurial team consists of Douglas Evans, Neil Yarbrough and John Pickaxe. Each has served the Denver community in different ways over the years. Piccone noted, “Service to the community is part of our growth as humans and ensures that we leave behind a better place than we came. The ability to do this with friends and know that we have great services at a great price ensures that the whole scenario is enjoyable. “

If you want to tidy up rooms, offices, the house or the building; then this special one is for you. Contact us today to help plan your upcoming needs. You can contact Denver’s Junk Removal at 720-647-5091 and Armchair Samaritan at 720-841-1257. Have fun with spring cleaning.

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