Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share carpet cleaning tips

Ms. Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, is a British clean fluencer with over four million followers on Instagram. The cleaning enthusiast grew in popularity by providing advice on their social media pages. Now her fans have started their own social media groups devoted to cleaning and tidying up tips.

One person commented, “Dr. Beckman’s carpet cleaner, the best I’ve ever used to get things off the carpet.”

Another fan of Ms. Hinch wrote: “I tried to get Dr. Beckman had to clean it with a suitable carpet cleaner. Mine did it yesterday with blue colored pencils. “

One person added, “I have Dr. Beckman supports. I took the sharpie marker out of ours on a couple of occasions. “

However, some cleaning enthusiasts had other, more natural tips for removing carpet stains.

In addition to fairy liquid, baking soda is another handy and inexpensive product that you can use to remove carpet stains.

Baking soda is a great ingredient to keep in your closet for both cleaning and cooking.

All you have to do is simply sprinkle the baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for at least 15 minutes or an hour for better results.

Then vacuum the carpet to remove all of the soda while also removing the carpet stain or dirt.

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