Clean Carpet Adds to Favorable Impression of Long-Term Care Facilities

The cleanliness of the floor is critical to the safety and health of residents of long-term care facilities. A new survey by Whittaker Co. found that keeping carpets clean not only protects the health of nursing home residents, but also gives a good impression of the facility.

The survey of 2,059 adults found that 54% would question the quality of care in a long-term care facility if they noticed a dirty carpet in the building.

“Because they are home to older Americans, including some with compromised immune systems, long-term care facilities should make cleanliness a priority,” said Joe Bshero, director of technical services at Whittaker. “Proper carpet care is essential because it has a positive effect on cleanliness and the way a facility is perceived not only by residents and employees, but also by the families who attend the care facility and have high expectations for their care Have relatives. “

The survey also found that when you spot a dirty carpet in a long-term care facility:

  • 54% of respondents would complain to management
  • 48% would question the facility’s commitment to the health of residents and staff
  • 46% would assume that the system is not being cleaned properly
  • 44% would consider an alternative facility for themselves or a family member
  • 40% would tell friends, family or other residents about the lack of cleanliness
  • 30% would complain to the local health ministry
  • 19% would write a negative review online.

Respondents aged 65 and over are more likely to be affected by dirty carpets than their younger counterparts. 77% said they would complain to management or the local health department, compared to 57% of 18-64 year olds.

“The novel coronavirus pandemic has put additional pressure on long-term care facilities to ensure the safety, health and satisfaction of residents,” said Bshero. “Facility managers should view carpet maintenance as a necessary strategy to remove unwanted dirt, keep the flooring looking like new and maintain the brand’s reputation.”

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