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KENDALLVILLE – After the second straight week of urging local residents to turn off the garbage service, Kendallville officials have promised to make a decision and develop an official policy in two weeks.

Two weeks ago, the Kendallville Board of Works received a request from a Mitchell Street resident who wanted to decline the monthly garbage service. He claimed he was an extreme recycler and only produced about two plastic shopping bags of trash a year.

This week, another resident, Dennis Bidwell, asked for the same, requesting a waiver of both his home and his mother’s house nearby as he collects her trash and takes it to his shop, where he pays for monthly dumpster service.

According to Bidwell, McCray Mansion’s owner on East Mitchell Street, Nicole Lower, made a slightly different request, demanding that she not be billed twice for garbage as the property has two water meters but that no one permanently lives in the carriage house does not need property really double garbage and recycling service.

Kendallville hired Noble County Disposal in 2020 to handle the town’s weekly trash haulage and bi-weekly recycling. The service for residents started in the first week of this year. This service is charged $ 13.38 per month. This also includes two collections of bulk goods per year.

Members of the Board of Works who had a cool reception for the request last month are now realizing they need to make an official statement as the opt-out requests are unlikely to stop.

“The board would like to take a consultation at this point, discuss this. We have to make a decision or we’ll be here with someone every two weeks, ”said CEO Jim Dazey. “We will make a sensible decision not only for yours, but also for several other properties. For now we have to let it stand. “

Kendallville counted on a monthly installment of $ 13.38 and imprisoned her for five years. However, this rate was based on the distribution of the annual costs across the total number of single-family homes. If the city allows numerous exceptions, the city will likely not collect enough and will have to make up the shortfall from other city funds.

Kendallville also decided to finally roll out a city-wide garbage service, largely as a cleanup effort, as the city has found over the years that most issues with garbage complaints are related to properties that didn’t have a monthly garbage service because owners didn’t want to pay for them.

Noble County Disposal’s monthly rate paid by city residents was about a third lower than what NCD customers had previously paid for three-month contracts.

Board member Don Gura noted that the city is currently collecting garbage fees on properties with active water services, suggesting that Kendallville may be keeping the garbage in connection with other utilities. It remains to be seen whether there is a spin-off for individual cases like the McCray Mansion.

“Our only means of tracking the garbage, the garbage goes with the water meter,” said Gura. By adding a garbage service to all utility-owned properties, the city has “kept the fee reasonable for everyone.”

Members of the Board of Works took the requests under deliberation, but Dazey, Gura and Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said they will post a policy on opt-outs at their next meeting in two weeks’ time.

The next meeting of the working committee will take place on January 26 at 8:30 a.m.

Members of the public can attend in person but will need to enter into an arrangement with the mayor’s office due to COVID-19 restrictions. The meeting can also be viewed virtually. A meeting link will be available the week before the meeting.

In other matters Tuesday morning, board members:

• Approved the use of city facilities and roads for the Cole Center Family YMCA / Kendallville Parks Department triathlon on July 10th.

• Approved a consulting contract with A&Z Engineering for engineering work on Phase 2 of the rebuilding of Drake Road for a total of $ 539,942 from Weston Avenue to Beacon Street, located west of SR 3. The city received a federal grant of $ 3.6 million to pay for 80% of the project to rebuild the street and put in curbs and sidewalks.

Phase 1 of the project from Main Street to Weston Avenue will begin next year, while Phase 2 is expected to begin in 2025.

• Approved purchase of $ 9,800 in new fire hoses for the Kendallville Fire Department. The new hoses replace obsolete hoses and enable higher water pressure with less load on the pumps. Hoses can also dry in the truck, unlike old houses which must be left out to dry properly, said fire chief Jeremy McKinley.

• Approve the recruitment of an additional full-time firefighter for the fire department and permit the police to find a new detective and a new school officer.

Police Chief Lance Waters said it was time to add a new detective, Detective Sgt. Angela Glove. Waters was previously the department’s chief detective before being named chief in 2020, and the second position as investigator has not been filled since then.

• Agreement to purchase 178 LED street lights valued at US $ 53,400 as part of the city’s multi-year effort to move to more energy efficient lamps.

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