City officials considering increase to new trash fee

MARTINSVILLE – Martinsville City officials are considering whether or not to increase the garbage fee introduced earlier this year.

In the past, most of the city’s residents did not have to pay for garbage collection.

However, early in 2021, the city introduced a monthly fee of $ 7.50 for customers.

The city is currently collecting rubbish from single-family homes and maisonettes.

In the case of complexes with three or more units and companies, the garbage is collected by a private service provider.

Since the city took this fee into account during the 2020 sessions, it decided to start the fee at $ 7.50 per month – and possibly increase it to $ 15 this summer.

According to Martinsville City Superintendent Mac Dunn, Waste Management will receive $ 520,000 this year for garbage transportation from the city’s handover station.


There will be an additional cost of $ 497,500 for a packer and labor lease and approximately $ 30,000 for utility, maintenance and fuel costs.

That brings the city’s operating costs to nearly $ 1.475 million in 2021.

Excluding the new garbage fee, the city is expected to bring in $ 641,035 this year.

The city expects to bring in about $ 330,000 from the garbage fee in 2021 – if it stays at $ 7.50 per month.

This would mean the plumbing department would be operating with a projected loss of $ 311,035 in 2021.

An increase in the fee, Dunn said, would allow the city to run the plumbing division with nearly $ 50,000 in surplus this year.

“It will stop the bleeding,” said Dunn. “You won’t lose any more money on sanitation.”

Martinsville Mayor Kenny Costin said there are a few things to consider when considering increasing the garbage fee.

These items include a new roof on the city’s transfer station, the scale needs updating and moving, a trailer needs to be fixed as it is currently leaking and has soil problems, the trash compactor is aging and other equipment needs to be replaced.

Councilor Suzie Lipps asked what other nearby communities charge their customers for garbage collection.

According to Dunn, service in Mooresville is $ 19 per month for the first year of the contract and increased in the second year.

In Bloomington, Council Chairman Phil Deckard II said the cost varies depending on the size of each trash can, which includes 15-gallon trash cans, 64-gallon trash cans and 96-gallon trash cans. The cost for the smallest container is less than $ 10 per month, around $ 15 for the medium container and $ 22 for the largest containers.

Lipps noted that Martinsville is also offering more services because it picks up bulk trash every week.

“For $ 7.50, our community gets a lot of service,” said Lipps.

Dunn said he had a conversation with Waste Management about lowering fees for moving garbage from the city transfer station to a landfill.

The waste management industry, however, did not budge from their fees.

“So I told them, ‘OK, in two years, when this contract is up, we’re going to have a very short talk in two years,” said Dunn.

Costin suggested that members of the council should consider questions and concerns over the next few weeks – and then consider changing the fee during the first meeting in July.

“That gives us just over a month to think about it and ask more questions,” said Costin.

This meeting is currently scheduled to take place on Monday, July 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Martinsville City Hall, 59 S. Jefferson St..

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