Chicago Metro Dumpster Rental Plans to Make The Loop A Little Bit Greener

Houston has a new waste disposal store that will help homeowners and businesses clean up their remodeling and household clutter. In fact, Chicago will have a Chicago Metro Dumpster Rental operation that will service most of the loop. Chicago Metro Dumpster Rental recently opened its first location in Chicago, serving most of the Loop area with clean, green, and home-friendly roll-off containers. The company’s service is a “convenient and affordable solution for those who need to clean up waste on home or business renovation projects,” said a company spokesman. “Our roll-off containers are ideal for removing dirt after major damage or for renovating a residential or commercial property.”

“We are confident that the communities we serve will benefit greatly from our service as this city sees an increase in remodeling projects and we are able to help homeowners and contractors dispose of remodeling,” the spokesman said . “Customers can expect a level of service and quality not normally found in our industry, considering we lay boards to protect driveways and sweep after us.”

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About Chicago Metro Dumpster Rental

Chicago Metro Dumpster Rental is considered by many to be the premier waste management company in Chicago. In addition to renting garbage containers, they also offer garbage transportation and garbage disposal services. For more information, contact Brent Smith at (312) 313-1002.

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